When the Great Reckoning Meets the Great Resignation: How to Recruit and Retain Great People

The most recent jobs report found that job openings have reached a historic high of almost 11 million, with nine million people still jobless even after enhanced unemployment benefits ended on Labor Day.  Of the 25 states that ended enhanced unemployment earlier this year, all found it had minimal impact on lowering its job openings, […]

Goals, Stretch Goals and Aspirations: What’s the Difference?

Something that I have struggled with in the past is understanding the difference and interplay between goals, stretch goals and aspirations. According to most dictionaries, a goal is an aim or purpose, or the outcome of efforts directed toward achieving a result. A stretch goal is a goal on steroids — extreme in its difficulty, […]

diverse team with hands in

Engage Employees: Create a Sense of Shared Purpose

June brings exciting news – the “Lessons in Lifecircle Leadership” audiobook has officially been released! As I was revisiting some of the topics covered in the book, one seemed particularly appropriate for this point in time – engaging employees through creating a sense of shared purpose. While doing more with less is something I’ve had […]