HealthTrain: Compassion that Improves the Bottom Line

It’s no secret that I work in an industry that is experiencing a workforce shortage. As Loretto continues to grow – how can I possibly keep up? Part of the answer is HealthTrain. What is HealthTrain? It started with an organization called CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity. The individuals at CenterState CEO developed a program […]

Balance and Well-Being Lead to Personal, Professional, and Business Success

I’ve been busy over the past few months preparing for a post-conference workshop at the National Health & Well-Being Conference in Boston. My workshop covers a topic that has become a priority for me: addressing the concept of “work-life balance” and helping people achieve overall well-being – for their employees and for themselves. If you’ve […]

Kimberly Townsend at the Women's United Event in 2019

Exciting News: Top Women in Healthcare Awards

I am humbled, grateful and excited to share that I have been selected as a finalist for the “Top Women in Healthcare Awards.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with these awards, they recognize unique contributions and leadership of female healthcare executives across all sectors of the market: hospitals, healthcare systems, physician organizations, pharmaceuticals, […]