The Toughest Part of Leadership

Leadership is a tough job. It requires making tough decisions, setting direction, motivating teams, and managing difficult situations. But, perhaps the most challenging part of being a leader is shifting the focus from our to-do list to ourselves. As leaders, while we focus on achieving goals and driving the success of our organizations, we often forget to prioritize our own well-being. Today I want to explore the importance of leadership well-being – with a few practical tips and past blog posts to help us.

First, we must understand that our well-being is critical to our ability to lead effectively – whether we’re leading a large corporate team or a small team in our homes. When we neglect our needs, we leave ourselves open to experiencing burnout, stress, and decreased productivity – all of which can have a ripple effect on the people around us and our organizations as a whole.

Think about the last time you flew on a commercial flight – you may recall an important reminder in the safety overview – secure your mask before assisting others. In a similar way, we as leaders must prioritize our own well-being in order to be fully present and effective in our roles.

So, what can we do to prioritize our well-being? Here are some practical tips – each of them links to a past blog post that I’ve written on the topic.

My hope is that this list serves as a self-awareness spark – a spark that leads you to find at least one area that you can focus on improving as you continue your leadership journey.

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