Kimberly Townsend, MBA, MPA, JD, Ed.D, CPA, GPHR is the President and CEO of Loretto Management Corporation, a non-profit healthcare company in New York State.

Dr. Townsend is an in-demand speaker on the topics of healthcare and leadership. She has been a panelist and presenter at many industry conferences, roundtables, and meetings in New York State and across the country, speaking on the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Health system leadership
  • Health policy strategy
  • Health (behavioral health, long-term care)
  • Health care workforce trends and development
  • Equality and economic inclusion
  • Women in leadership
  • Board governance

Talks Include

Everyone is a Leader. Employees at every level have the ability to be a leader and make a positive impact on the world by doing well by themselves and by doing well by others. Dr. Townsend has discovered the dependency we all have on one another in a real world way that extends far beyond the set boundaries of the workplace. She shares how any employee, no matter what level, can use the principles of Lifecircle Leadership to go beyond the workplace and create positive change inside and outside the office.

The Difference Between Charity and Pragmatic Altruism. It’s important to do good in this world, both as an individual and through available leadership positions. The best efforts are not solely charitable, however; the best and most impactful are programs that have demonstrated the soundness of their implementation in real world ways that any capitalist could appreciate and embrace. This is compassion that improves the corporate bottom line and human lives at the same time. The perfect combination.

How to Break Stereotypes and Shift Perceptions. Dr. Townsend shares proven strategies from her own business experience to help leaders at all levels (not just management) break stereotypes, shift perceptions, and empower employees to: promote an environment of innovative and responsive solutions, position themselves and their organizations as industry leaders, and create a renewed sense of pride and trust from both internal and external audiences.

Being Your Best Self. The higher we climb on the corporate ladder, the greater the demands placed upon us, and the stronger our compulsion grows to put others before ourselves. It’s easy to find ourselves overextending our personal collateral. It’s vital to take steps to avoid burnout. Dr. Townsend believes that you need to be your best self in order to best serve your family, your community, and your role at work. She shares how simple practices such as self-awareness, presence, generosity, and compassion in action lead not only to personal and professional growth, but also to business growth. This in turn fosters teamwork, a sense of leadership, and a family of exceptional people.

Truly Understanding, and Embracing, Your Full Story. On our very first morning in a new leadership position, we don’t walk into that office as a blank slate. To the contrary, there is always a long (and often arduous) journey that we‘ve undertaken to get to that point. All of the events of our lives build up over time and can create significant performance issues where they operate collectively upon the subconscious. If not dealt with, they can hinder the exceptional performance that made the success possible in the first place. Dr. Townsend teaches us how to discover and embrace all the cobbled-together parts of the entirety of our life experiences, from the beginning, so we can tap into these experiences and reach an even higher level of leadership and success.

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