“Running too long and too hard on a proverbial professional ‘hamster wheel,’ getting more and more exhausted with every turn of the wheel, but realizing diminishing rewards in return for the effort.”

“This book will help you take action to build long-term value in both your organization and your community. I want you to look at leadership in business differently, no matter what job title you have.”

Sound familiar?

At first, Dr. Kimberly Townsend, President and CEO of Loretto Management Corporation and healthcare industry expert, believed that only executives and leaders felt the pressure of the proverbial “hamster wheel.” She was surprised to discover that wasn’t the case.

Everyone, it seems, is on the treadmill, just trying to keep up at work and at home, when what they really want to do is to make positive change in the world.

In her new book, Lifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary, Dr. Townsend explores how we can increase the bottom line and succeed personally and professionally, all while making lives better for the people around us.

The Answer is Lifecircle Leadership

Lifecircle Leadership is more than a leadership style, it’s a philosophy that embraces the power of work-life balance, the value in going the extra mile in everything you do, and the recognition that being your best self allows you to better serve others.

The key tenet of Lifecircle Leadership is pragmatic altruism, which believes that there is almost always a solution to the problem that benefits every party involved, and that working with the common good in mind returns personal rewards.

Dr. Townsend embraces this philosophy. She’s lived it. She worked her way from being a 35-year-old single mother with a high school diploma to President and CEO of a multi-million-dollar company with five advanced degrees to her name. Dr. Townsend knows her mission is not just to increase Loretto’s bottom line, but to make life better for the employees of Loretto, the patients it cares for, and the people of her wider community.

It’s Simple: Being Good and Doing Good Is Good for Business

In her books, Dr. Townsend shares stories and lessons from her life as CEO of Loretto and her journey to the C-suite to illustrate the power of Lifecircle Leadership. She shows how pragmatic altruism has made a difference in her community and her company, and you can use it to make profound changes in your own.

You will learn:

  • Proven strategies to empower your team to create an solution-based environment of innovation and teamwork
  • How simple practices such as self-awareness, presence, generosity, and compassion lead not only to personal and professional growth, but also to business growth
  • What establishing a hierarchy amongst your team and learning to delegate will do to your productivity and your impact
  • How opening a dialogue is essential to truly understanding problems and finding effective solutions
  • And much more


Lifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary is part inspiration, part actionable advice, and part memoir from an exceptional woman who proves that with drive, passion, and compassion, one person can make a big difference in the world.

Lifecircle Leadership is a must-read for leaders at all levels, professionals in the medical field, and anyone who believes in giving back to the community through dynamic leadership.

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