A photo of Kimberly Townsend filming for a guest appearance.

Leadership Insights: Reflecting on Recent Guest Appearances

In the past several weeks, I’ve been invited by a few individuals and organizations I know and love to share my insight and expertise on leadership (full disclosure: I’m still learning!). All of them featured great discussions– topics varied from leadership gaps and investing in middle management to taking leadership pauses and sharing some of my personal story. I wanted to be sure I shared them on the blog with you – so I’ve included a recap of each and links to those that were recorded and available to the public below. Enjoy!

Advancing Excellence in Long-Term Care

I had the opportunity to be one of the four panelists for a webinar on operational leadership in post-acute and long-term care. Overall, we discussed key elements of leadership needed for organizational success in our setting. Acknowledging the many challenges we face in financing and reimbursement, regulatory oversight, staff turnover, one-sided negative media coverage, etc. We spent a lot of time talking about the leadership gap – the fact that there are not enough managers to cover those in leadership who are retiring. I discussed what we’re doing at Loretto to invest in our middle management and provide educational opportunities on the job. (You can check out some of the details of our employee program here.)

The Leadership Pause Reset with Chris Johnson, PsyD.

I’m a big fan of Chris Johnson – proven by the fact that after we connected through the Stagen Leadership Academy, I hired her to be my leadership coach – and a lifeline – during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I had the opportunity to be a part of an online leadership workshop she did that focused on the “leadership pause.” The big picture is that there is always a stimulus and response in communication, but our response is always our choice. We can either react immediately or take a leadership pause – a moment to breathe, re-group, re-center, re-ground, and rethink our next move – and be more intentional and thoughtful in our reply. This simple and brilliant concept enabled me to lead differently—to be less reactive and more thoughtfully responsive and strategic in handling the continuous challenges in the external environment.

The Switch Podcast: Nonprofit HR 2023 Social Impact Women to Watch

I am excited and humbled to share that I am an honoree finalist for Nonprofit HR’s 2023 Social Impact Women to Watch. Lisa Brown Alexander, the CEO of Nonprofit HR, had me as a guest on their podcast, “The Switch,” to talk about what I’ve learned in my leadership journey, how to motivate a team to work together toward a shared goal, and my hopes and dreams for Loretto. It’s tough to summarize all the ground we covered, but here are a few takeaways – every issue is a people issue at its core, get employee input from the beginning, never give up, if you aren’t moving forward you’re taking steps backward, and know your values and align your life to those values.

Emergent: Driving Leadership

Emergent is a leadership, team, and organizational development organization in Central New York offering various services to effect individual and organizational transformation. For those who may not be familiar with “Driving Leadership,” it’s hosted by Bill Berthel, partner and leadership coach, and takes place in a car. We covered a lot in this episode – background and insight into Loretto and some of my leadership journey. The episode isn’t released until September, so I don’t want to share too much – more to come on this one!

WCNY Behind the Women

Finally, most recently, it was an honor – and so much fun – to sit down with Dr. Juhanna Rogers and Stephanie Crockett last week for an episode of WCNY Behind the Woman. It’s a true privilege to serve as CEO at Loretto, and it is the exceptional people who motivate me every day to make our organization and community the best they can be! I hope this glimpse into my story will inspire others to become more empowered, passionate leaders in their organizations and communities. You can watch the full episode on WCNY’s website.