‘Tis The Season: Disconnecting Over The Holidays

As we approach the holiday season, I think it’s important to take time to remember what this season is all about – many of us are traveling to spend time with family and friends, and taking time away from the office to do so. But are we truly disconnecting from work to engage with our family and friends?

Are you the person whose cell phone is never more than a few feet away? Are you responding to emails as you refill your plate in the kitchen? Do you find yourself scrolling through email on your phone when you take a bathroom break? The holiday season is a time that many hesitate to disconnect in the interest of making a name for themselves at work and/or showing dedication to their careers. If this sounds like you, I have bad news; you’re approaching the holiday season in the wrong way.

I’ve shared my feelings on America’s corporate ladder – how neglecting health is often glorified to get to the next highest step. I’ve also written about my view on the role of hierarchies, specifically the importance of clarity and delegation. And – as I prepared for a post-conference workshop at the National Health & Well-Being Conference, I shared a post about how focusing on balance and well-being leads to personal, professional, and business success. If you missed any of those blog posts, I would encourage you to revisit them for a pre-holiday pep talk.

The reality is, time away from work with family and friends is good for the soul. Whether you’re a manager setting holiday expectations for employees, or a workaholic who struggles to unplug – I hope you’ll consider being intentional about disconnecting this holiday season.