Two feet in yellow heels in front of an arrow on the sidewalk in chalk.

Start at the Beginning

As we reflect on the beginning of our nation this week, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a post to thinking about our beginning in a similar way. In one of my past blog posts, 3 Ways to Perform in the Office and On the Field, I talked about my experience with Dr. Nick Molinaro, a sports psychologist who taught me several key lessons – including how the traits and characteristics I developed as a child have shaped my life as an adult.

While my specific traits and characteristics may be unique to me, the concept is not. You see, all of us are who we are today as a result of the path we took to get here – and that path started with childhood.

Part of understanding who we are today – and how we can become an even better person – is taking time to reflect on the past. I cherished the time I was able to spend with Dr. Molinaro, but the truth is you don’t need an executive coach to be able to do a little bit of your own self-reflection.

We all want to take care of ourselves in the best possible way – a wholesome and holistic way. To do that, we need to start at the beginning. Here’s how:

· Sit down and take an honest inventory of yourself, from your childhood to today.

· Identify the factors that interfere with your work and growth.

· Develop your resistance to stress.

· Follow a spiritual, meditation, and/or mindfulness practice everyday.

Don’t forget to ask yourself: what part of the child in you continues to influence your thoughts and actions as an adult? It may seem like a straightforward question, but I bet you’ll be surprised at how difficult it can be to answer.