New Year Challenge: Be More Generous

This time of year, we’re always looking ahead, thinking about what we can to in the new year to be a better version of ourselves – lose more weight, save more money – the list goes on. I have a resolution challenge for you – be more generous.

When I talk about generosity, I don’t mean to commit to donating more. I understand that charity can be a part of a generous person’s life, but my challenge goes deeper. Instead of doing good for good’s sake, I challenge you to do good with a vision and a purpose. It falls outside the normal New Year Resolution box – instead of focusing solely on how you can improve your life, consider what you could do in the new year to improve the lives of those at work and in your community. It’s a philosophy I call pragmatic altruism (more about it here).

Donating money is great, but more value often comes from starting a dialogue, and learning what people need, what it would take to provide it, and what benefits would be returned in exchange? You can read more about a few examples from my work at Loretto here on the blog (diaper bank program, car loan partnership, and HealthTrain). Donating money and supplies is beneficial, but creating an opportunity or a new initiative goes farther than a one-time donation – and, in business, it can make a big difference for your employees, and therefore, your bottom line.

In addition to doing good and improving your bottom line, a recent survey found that generous people are happier people. I’ve always said doing good business is good for your soul – and who doesn’t want to be happier in 2020?