A headshot of Kimberly Townsend wearing white.

Lifecycle Leadership vs. Lifecircle Leadership

There may be some of you who mistakenly thought my book was called “Lifecycle Leadership” at first glance since that phrase is familiar to many. However, the name “Lifecircle Leadership” is very intentional – so I wanted to dedicate some blog space to explaining the difference between the two, and why I chose lifecircle.

Lifecycle leadership is often recognized for one of two reasons. Either its affiliation with what is now recognized as situational leadership (SL) theory, which specifically focuses on managerial dynamics – or its reference to the lifecycle of a leader. It’s easy to see why – the word “lifecycle” lends itself to a bell curve, illustrating birth through death. Whether the phrase is familiar to you from a psychology class, or a business development course, there are a couple of reasons why I chose “Lifecircle Leadership” instead. While management is certainly a big part of what I do at Loretto, I don’t believe you need to be in a management role to be a leader. Rather, lifecircle leadership is meant to show you that you can be a leader regardless of where in your career you are – by doing well by yourself and doing well by others.

Instead of looking at leadership as a cycle – with a birth and death – my view is better captured with a circle. Once we get started on this inclusive and continuous loop, I believe our leadership journey is constantly evolving. And the legacy our leadership leaves can make a positive impact even after we’re gone. That loop also illustrates how doing good business can – and will – flow into other areas of your life and your community. This book is meant to be a holistic guide to improving your career, your community and your life, after all.