2022 Trends: Climate Change

There are five big picture topics I’m focused on this year – technology, supply chain, workforce, climate change, and the changing face of America. I’m sharing some of my candid thoughts and predictions for these five topics in a “2022 Trends” blog series – I’ve covered technology, supply chain and workforce in the past few weeks. Today, I want to discuss climate change.

Given how dramatically weather patterns are affecting city and state budgets, not to mention driving global migration patterns, from a pragmatic perspective, we should all be concerned about climate changes. Economies that are still reeling from COVID will now be faced with devastating weather events, as well as mass movement of people and shifts in immigration as people seek to secure a better life for themselves and their families. These shifts can have global security impacts.

Loretto, like every business, is doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Our food service subsidiary, Advanced Meal, produces 2.5 million meals a year for Loretto but also for some senior nutrition programs, Meals on Wheels, and the Food Bank. It does its part to save our environment by participating in New York States food waste recycling program.

Is your carbon footprint growing or shrinking? What new and creative ways might you consider to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on climate change?