Dynamic Leadership for the Good of Business and the Community

The time has come for us to reconsider our approach
to business, each other, and ourselves.

Dr. Kimberly Townsend is President and CEO of Loretto Management Corporation in Syracuse, NY and an expert in healthcare management and leadership.

After nearly twenty years in the field of healthcare, Dr. Townsend has seen how leaders at all levels have the power to make a positive impact on employees, the people they serve, and the community at large. The key is to approach problems and their solutions with the mindset of pragmatic altruism, which believes that every problem has a solution that benefits all parties. When we work with the common good in mind, that good eventually comes back to us.

The answer is in Lifecircle Leadership.

Dr. Townsend discusses pragmatic altruism and how it fits into her philosophy of leadership in her new book, Lifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary. She shares how simple practices of self-awareness, presence, generosity, and compassion allows you to be your best self and foster an environment that breeds greatness. She provides guidance, advice, and real-world examples to inspire you to make a change that will positively affect the community and the world around you, all while making your company stronger and more impactful.

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